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Race Day July 8th
by posted 07/07/2020

Dear KLA Frog Families,

A quick note here regarding our virtual meet "Race Day Wednesday" tomorrow July 8th.

First, please have kids arrive to their practice sessions on time so we can keep on schedule.

They need to bring 2-3 warm towels, a deck jacket or hoodie, or other clothes to stay warm between races.

We will do a brief meet warm-up, a practice race start, and begin the sequence of race events. We ask each Frog to do the Freestyle event and 1-2 additional races of their choice to collect times and track their progress. The event entry limit is three. This week we will not do relays and see how things go. Below you will find the list of events for each age group. 

Let me know if you have any questions- swimcoach@klahaya.net  

Go Frogs! Coach Tom

  Week 1 Virtual Meet Events      
  SENIORS     13-14s     11-12s
1 Girls 50 Free   1 Girls 50 Free   1 Girls 50 Free
2 Boys 50 Free   2 Boys 50 Free   2 Boys 50 Free
3 Girls 50 Back   3 Girls 50 Back   3 Girls 50 Back
4 Boys 50 Back   4 Boys 50 Back   4 Boys 50 Back
5 Girls 50 Breast   5 Girls 50 Breast   5 Girls 50 Breast
6 Boys 50 Breast   6 Boys 50 Breast   6 Boys 50 Breast
7 Girls 50 Fly   7 Girls 50 Fly   7 Girls 50 Fly
8 Boys 50 Fly   8 Boys 50 Fly   8 Boys 50 Fly
9 Girls 100 Free   9 Girls 100 Free   9 Girls 100 IM
10 Boys 100 Free   10 Boys 100 Free   10 Boys 100 IM
11 Girls 100 IM   11 Girls 100 IM      
12 Boys 100 IM   12 Boys 100 IM      
  9-10s     8 Unders      
1 Girls 50 Free   1 Girls 25 Free      
2 Boys 50 Free   2 Boys 25 Free      
3 Girls 50 Back   3 Girls 25 Back      
4 Boys 50 Back   4 Boys 25 Back      
5 Girls 50 Breast   5 Girls 25 Breast      
6 Boys 50 Breast   6 Boys 25 Breast      
7 Girls 25 Fly   7 Girls 25 Fly      
8 Boys 25 Fly   8 Boys 25 Fly      
9 Girls 100 IM            
10 Boys 100 IM            

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KLA- Virtual Meet/Race Day Wednesdays
by posted 07/06/2020

July 6, 2020


Dear KLA Frog Team Families,


We have had a fantastic two weeks so far in our 2020 season. We now have 169 kids! We also have a high percentage of our Frogs who have attended all or most of our 11 practices! Our Coaching Staff is very impressed with our team focus, coachability, and fun spirited mindset. Each day, our coaches have worked diligently from 9:00am-3:25pm during the eight practice sessions. We are striving to stay focused on maintaining a safe and sanitized athletic environment. On a different note, I appreciated all the spectacular birthday notes and treats that I received this past week; thank you so much! 


Let us discuss our 2020 KLA swim meets. In “normal” swim seasons, we have seven Home and Away dual meets then Post-Season Championships. For each dual meet, there are 72 race events with about 300 swimmers, with the two teams and coaches, 100 volunteers, and 200+ parents, family members, friends: so around 600 people. This is far beyond the scope of prudent safety with our current health directives in Phase 2 for Snohomish County. We must change things and be flexible in these challenging times.


As a member of the Greater Seattle Summer Swim League Board, we have worked hard through this spring to brainstorm safe and creative ways to keep all 16 teams in our League thriving in 2020. Only one team (Kent) has decided to not participate in League events. We have designed a League plan that allows each Club to participate in a new model of four weekly virtual meets held at their own facilities with timed race results that will be sent in promptly to a League computer operator. Each team can set up their virtual meets according to our GSSSL Operating Plans on their own timeline. Opposing teams may decide to match up and compete in a virtual meet if they wish.


Developing the specifics of our Klahaya 2020 Virtual Swim Meets has been a challenging endeavor. We hoped to divide the team roster into four alphabetical sections and safely run four quick consecutive meet sessions. It has been decided that this plan is too risky for our current health circumstances.  Our new plan for this first week/s of competition will take the form of Race Days on Wednesdays at each Frog’s assigned practice session. This Wednesday July 8th our Frogs will do a meet warm-up and compete in one to three individual races. Events will run in the usual League format for each age group events and distances; Freestyle, Back, Breast, Fly and IM. Each Frog can choose their events. Coaches will capture race times, enter them in the team laptop, and send in our results to the GSSSL. If a Frog does not want to race in a virtual meet, they are welcome to warm-up and support other teammates. If a Frog is absent Wednesday, they can speak to Coach Tom and race on Thursday at practice.


As previously mentioned, traditional meets are impossible in 2020. We realize that not everyone will be happy with this plan for virtual swim meet. We may be able to design other safe “virtual meet” models in the weeks ahead. We appreciate your support and flexibility.


Go Frogs!

Coach Tom Schutte

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KLA- Week 2 Update
by posted 06/29/2020

Dear KLA Frog Families,


Wow, we had an incredible first week together building up our 2020 Frog Nation! It was a fun and exciting time each day to welcome back our returning Frogs and our amazing new team members. Our kids understood the new safety protocols and eagerly participated in meeting our expectations. Thank you!


Would you believe we now have 167 Frogs on our 2020 Roster which is the largest team we have had in the past seven years! Yes, it is true, what a wonderful turn out for our team! There is still time to join.


Last week, in our extended eight sessions of practice, we did Stroke School each day. Monday was Freestyle, Tuesday was Backstroke, Wednesday was Breaststroke, Thursday was Butterfly, and Friday was Individual Medley. This week we will continue to fine tune strokes, develop endurance, and add in flip turns, open turns, race starts, and relay exchanges. After the long quarantine time, our team kids are gaining fitness day by day, learning skills, seeing their friends, and receiving warm support from our hard-working coaching staff.


We are brainstorming various ways to develop our swim meets this summer. All meets will be run in a Time Trial format in separated small group sessions at Klahaya. Each team will send in their weekly time results to the league. More details will be communicated asap.


Thank you for all your support. Let me know if you have any questions

Go Frogs!

Coach Tom

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Safe Practice Plan
by posted 06/15/2020

Hello Klahaya Members - if you have not registered for Swim Team - please do so ASAP.

Attached please review our Return to Swim Guidelines and Safe Practice Plan

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Pre-Season Pump
by posted 05/18/2020

Dear KLA Frog Nation,

Coach Tom here, we hope you are all staying safe and healthy during these strange times. Today Monday May 18th, was projected as our first day of the KLA swim season. Now, obviously there is no KLA practice this week and many things in our lives have changed, yet we remain very hopeful. The GSSSL Board, KLA Board, and League coaches are working hard to gather best practices and safely begin our season when we get the signal that allows us to start. 

KLA is an incredibly special place of community, friendship, fitness, and social connectedness. Our kids and families would benefit enormously from having an exciting and mindfully safe KLA swim season. All kids 5-18 are invited join. Furtermore, the latest research has clearly shown youth are the least likely to get infections and the CDC has stated swim pools show no evidence for catching the virus.

We have prepared a fun motivational Pre-Season Pump video for you to watch. ENJOY!


At the end, each Frog family or groups of Frog families are invited to record themselves doing the KLA Team Cheer. Post it to Facebook and tag Tom Schutte and Klahaya. We want to gather them all and create a montage of clips into one exciting Team Cheer video by the end of this week!

Cheer lyrics:

Ew saw saw sa

Ew saw saw sa

hit 'em in the head with a big kielbasa.

Put 'em in a barrel

Roll ‘em down the street.

Klahaya Swim Team

Cannot be beat!


Furthermore, dryland strength development can help a huge amount. Here is our KLA Strength Challenge:

20 Minutes Race Continuous- As Many Rounds as Possible!!

3 Burpees (one push-up and quick transition to vertical jump)
4 Squat Jumps (squat down, jump vertical into streamline)
5 Push-ups (basic good straight body form)
6 Jump Lunges (lunge forward and transition jump to opposite side)
7 Exploding Abs (standard sit-up, then streamline vertical at the top of the crunch)


Let me know if you have any questions. Go Frogs!!

Coach Tom Schutte

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