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Updated Tennis Practice Time Slots (7/5-7/10)
by posted 07/05/2020

Hello Tennis Team friends!


Summer feels like it is underway and I hope everyone enjoyed their sun filled weekend. Last week we were able to implement a modified challenge match format which was exciting! Coaches fed and we played first to 4 games instead of a full set to 6, which is how we were able to sqeeze in match play into our 35 min practices.

The ladder is now up, but please be mindful of crowding while you are looking, as we need to maintain 6 feet of separation. The players looked great out there and I wanted to remind everyone that we encourage challenge matches outside of practice as well. Talk to eachother during practice, sign up for a court time, bring your own tennis balls, and viola! You will be able to serve and play a full set and can report the scores to a coach when we see you next. Besides challenge matches, call a friend, book a court, and practice with eachother! It is a great way to get outside, improve your game, and have fun!


Please note changes that have been made to the practice schedule for the week of July 5th-10th. 



Overall, players have been doing a great job maintaining physically distant while on the courts. There are now spray painted lines outside for players to stand on and allow for social distancing while waiting to start your practice.


All the best,

Coach Daniella 


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by posted 06/29/2020

Hello Klahaya Frogs!
We need your input as we plan for Phase III.  Please complete the form linked below to share your ideas for swimming in Phase III.  Please provide your input by Thursday, July 2nd. Thank you!

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Tennis Team Practice Outlook (6/22-6/26)
by posted 06/21/2020

Hello Tennis Team Families and Happy Father’s Day!


Can you believe Klahaya tennis will be in full swing starting tomorrow? Thank you to those who have already registered for tennis team! If you haven’t yet, the link on the website is now live. The player list and schedule will be altered to reflect the current sign-ups and will be posted on the @KlahayaTennis twitter again tonight for players who sign-up after this email is sent out.


As of now, we were able to move some players around and adhere to the 12-player limit, without splitting into 35 min time slots. This schedule is expected to change as more players sign up and after the tennis team try-outs have concludedIf you see your child in a class they haven’t normally practiced in, it is because we are trying to maximize playing time but does not mean they are automatically moved into that level.


Thank you in advance for your flexibility in these unprecedented times. The schedule will likely change, and you can expect a weekly email blast to reflect those changes.


For those tennis team hopefuls, try-outs will be held this Friday 6/26 from 11-12pm. Please email   if you have a player that will be coming if you have not already. As of now, I am expecting to have less than 12 players but may need to split into a 11:00-11:30am, and 11:30-12pm group to adhere to our safe tennis guidelines.


Practice times for the incoming week will remain;


Monday:          French 2-3:15pm,                   Australian 3:15-4:30

Tuesday:          Wimbledon 2-3:15pm,           US Open 3:15-4:30

Wednesday:    French 2-3:15pm,                   Australian 3:15-4:30

Thursday:        Wimbledon 2-3:15pm,           US Open 3:15-4:30

Friday:             Tennis team try-outs 11-12pm


Current player and practice level is as follows as of 2:00pm 6/21:





US Open-A

Chris Combs

Ben Browne

Jack Nolan

Mari Brittle

David Lin

Isis Liaw

Henry Franey

Sydney Bates

Emily Lin

JD Drake

Logan Rader

Cassia Tomici

Kellen Mraz

Nico Menanno

Grace Abernathy

Miles Knuth

Marcus Tomici

Lexi Daly

Inanna Liaw

Brian Hammer

Connor Vana

John Marquart

Audrey Mitchell

Joe Menanno

Nathan Uran

Will Bates

Amelia Uran

Harris Dobson

Nathan Holt

Sam Borgida

Emma Nelson

Nikos Karnikis

Sam Browne

Andreas Karnikis

Emma Okamura

Clara Abernathy

Blake Gettmann

Ryan Daly

Joe Mitchell

Sophie Norenberg

Hanns Hoerschelmann

Ciaran Brennan

Drew Johnson


Rylie Gettmann

Alex Marquart

Peter Kosten



















*Outlook of A/B time slots possibilities as more players are registered.








A: 2-2:35


B: 2:40-3:15


A: 2-2:35


B: 2:40-3:15




A: 3:15-3:50


B: 3:55-4:30


A: 3:15-3:50


B: 3:55-4:30



















A: 2-2:35


B: 2:40-3:15


A: 2-2:35


B: 2:40-3:15


US Open


A: 3:15-3:50


B: 3:55-4:30


A: 3:15-3:50


B: 3:55-4:30











Safety Details Team Guidelines and Expectations for Phase 2:

·      In adherence with social distancing guidelines for tennis players, there will be a maximum of 12 players total at the time, spread out evenly on our three newly resurfaced courts.

·      Team practice will still be twice a week and will consist of; two practices per “level” (US Open, Wimbledon, etc.), in 35-minute time slots

·      Time slots to be communicated weekly, will be either the first half or second half of the traditionally scheduled practice times and determined based on ladder placement.

·      Coaches will be wearing masks and sanitizing hands frequently and encourage players to do the same.

·      Coaches will be responsible for putting the tennis balls back into the baskets and will request players to help by non-contact methods to expedite this process.

·      Players will be required to remain 6 ft. apart at all times, which will be facilitated with cones and other markings.

·      Players will be expected to adhere to the enter and exit protocols to allow for social distancing between other players.


Thank you again for your patience and understanding, and I look forward to seeing you out on the courts sometime soon!


All the best,


Daniella Brengelmann

Head Tennis Coach


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