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  • AGE REQUIREMENT: Children under the age of 8 must be supervised by an adult. This includes all events (lessons, practices, meets, matches)

Klahaya Swim & Tennis Club was established in 1958 as a facility where families could gather to enjoy swimming, friendships, and other activities. We undertook a major remodel of the facilty in 2008.

Presently there are 240 families. We are open from the middle of May until the middle of September. We have a varied schedule offering a Swim Team, Tennis Team, Lessons, Open Swim, Adult Lap Swimming, an Adult Swim Team, and many social activities.


Manager’s End of Season Report and Goodbye 2020

What a year, what a 2020 season! Our large summer gatherings were replaced with masks and social distancing. We learned more about touch surfaces, and CDC guidelines than we could have ever imagined. We went from thinking we would not have a Klahaya summer to having many of the same programs with precautions and adjustments. We closed the lobby, yet had flow patterns and a porta-potty to make it work. We did our best to keep everyone safe, while at the same time provided a very necessary physical activity outlet and mental distraction to help maintain a sense of well-being. A big thanks goes out to the Board of Directors who spent many hours discussing and forming a strategy to get the Club safely open and for it to stay open during the season. Many thanks to our awesome staff, who followed the CDC and state guidelines to keep all our Members safe and healthy for the season. Your professionalism and friendliness held this summer together. 


According to the CDC and state guidelines, we were allowed to have staff supervise the limited swimmers in the pool, including separate times for lap swim, family swim lessons, and swim team. The tennis courts were the first to be opened with staff support, followed by tennis lessons and tennis team with strict supervision.  I am so proud of our coaches for providing wonderful instruction during this difficult summer. Thank you!


This summer, we missed the Open Swims, Swim Meets, BBQs, playing in the backyard, Pool Rentals, and most importantly, just hanging out in large groups. Hopefully, next year Members will get back to another “normal” wonderful summer at Klahaya.


 As I announced to the Board of Directors and Membership back in July, the 2020 season will be my last summer as Manager of Klahaya Swim and Tennis. I am excited to be passing along the keys (and plenty of instructions) to Nick Maxwell, your new manager. He has excellent pool and summer league background and will be a super addition to the relatively small list of Klahaya managers. Best of luck to you Nick!


 It has been a GREAT 18 year run as your manager with so many wonderful memories. It has been a place where my children, Cameron and Emily, could spend their summer with their Dad. A place where I have met so many lifelong friends. A place where I have mentored young adults in their first jobs who have now come back with their own families. A place where every summer I could look forward to feeling the love and appreciation of Klahaya Members. A place where I could proudly say “I am Jeff McDowell-Manager of Klahaya Swim and Tennis!”


There are many past Board of Directors to thank during my years and Facilities Directors that have worked hand and hand with me during their terms. There are dozens and dozens of staff that I have worked with who have given their hearts to the Club. Thank you to Kathryn and my family for supporting me during the long summer hours and time away from family events. And of course, there are countless Members that I have met over the years. Just saying you were/are a Member of Klahaya, we will always share a special bond. Thank you all for the support! 


Finally, one of my fondest memories was our 60th Anniversary Party two summers ago. We had all generations come back through our lobby doors and almost every one of them said the same thing “Klahaya feels like coming home”. My commitment every time I drove onto the property was to make Klahaya a place where you could call home. Here’s to another 60 years of summer memories and to making Klahaya your home!


Take care and be healthy, 

Jeff McDowell-Klahaya Manager

by posted 11/14/2020
Membership Meeting Recap

Thank you to all who were able to participate in the membership meeting and emotional send-off of our outgoing board members and manager last night. 

Per our new bylaws (referenced below) today officially kicks of the feedback and input time period for both our preliminary budget and board nominees. At the conclusion of this 14 day period the board will review all input prior to issuing a final budget and nominee list for a membership vote. The preliminary budget and assumptions can be found here. This is a change in process from previous years with the goal of welcoming for more membership input prior to requesting a final vote (our apologies for the inadvertent voting email sent yesterday, the voting site will not be live until after we have completed the feedback period and taken all input into consideration).


The nominee’s for open board positions are as follows:

Communications – Monika Karnikis

Secretary – Kara Mitchell

Treasurer – Courtney Day

Facilities – Mike Sherry


Best wishes,

Shannon Burley

Board President




5.1         Annual General Membership Meeting. A General Membership Meeting shall be called at least annually. The purpose of the annual General Membership Meeting shall be, at a minimum, to examine the reports of officers, present the Board nominees for the upcoming season, and present, discuss and seek input to a preliminary budget for the upcoming year. Notice of the meeting shall contain the names of the Board nominees for the upcoming season and a copy of the preliminary budget.


5.2         Approval of Board of Directors and Budget. To allow the Membership to provide authentic input to the preliminary budget, and the Board to consider that input, a final budget will be presented for a vote no less than fourteen (14) days and no more than thirty (30) days after the Annual General Membership Meeting. At such time, voting shall commence for the purpose of approving the final budget and Board of Directors for the upcoming year.


5.3         Voting. Each Membership in good standing at the time of the vote, shall be entitled to one vote. Voting shall take place only after a notice of no less than fourteen (14) days. The Board shall provide notice of the date voting opens and closes. Voting must provide all Memberships the opportunity to cast a ballot, which shall show the Membership number, and may take place electronically. Votes of the membership shall be decided by a majority of votes cast, unless otherwise required in these Bylaws.

by posted 11/13/2020
Please Vote! Klahaya Budget and Board of Directors

Warm appreciation to all who attended the annual meeting, as required by the Klahaya bylaws please visit the following link to vote for new board positions and approval of the 2021 budget. Voting will end 14 days from now.


Wishing you a warm and safe Thanksgiving,


Shannon Burley

Klahaya Board President


by posted 11/13/2020
Goodbye From Jeff!

A big thank you to Jeff for his many years of service.  Below is the note he posted at the club.  We will miss you  - Jeff!

by posted 11/12/2020
Klahaya Gear

You can now order Klahaya Gear all year - please go to our Klahaya Gear page.

by posted 06/12/2020
Liability Form

All Members must fill out Liability Form below before using any Klahaya Facilities.


by posted 06/06/2020
Tennis Court and Lap Swim


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  1. Morning Hour Long Lap Swim
  2. Family Small Group Lessons
  3. Swim Development/30 Min exercise
  4. Evening Hour Long Lap Swim




Liability and Volunteer Forms

One adult per membership  must fill out Liability Form below before using any Klahaya Facilities.  All members that use Klahaya must be listed.


Follow this link to enter your Volunteer Hours.  All Volunteer hours must be reported here.



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