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Note: Reimbursement Forms can be found under REIMBURSEMENT POLICY tab.

Our new Volunteer Policy is here! In order to run our swim meets, tennis tournaments, the facility and our activities we need everyone’s help.  We are all members/owners of this club and need your participation. The required hours were calculated based on the number of volunteers needed to support particular programs. To make tracking of the hours easier, we will have an online volunteer tool to sign up for jobs, send reminders, and track your hours. This tool will be launched in a few weeks. No more sign up sheets in the lobby. By signing up on the tool and of course working the hours, your hours will be logged for you. (No more volunteer notebook.)  
There are three categories of required volunteer hours:


Facilities/Grounds - All Klahaya Families are required to give a minimum of 2 hours per season for basic maintenance and upkeep of the grounds and facility. This includes, but is not limited to offical work parties.

Swim Team - If your family has children on the swim team, 6 additional volunteer hours per family are required per season. This includes, but is not limited to swim meet set up, working at swim meets, preparing or working concessions, and swim meet clean up.

Tennis Team - If your family has children on the tennis team, 1 additional volunteer hour per family will be required per season.

To make signing up and the tracking of volunteer hours efficient, we will use an online volunteer tool to help coordinate the needs throughout the season. Members are responsible for signing up for volunteer activities through the online volunteer tool. In September, all volunteer hours not worked or not entered in the online volunteer tool, will be billed by bookkeeping at $25.00 per hour.

****We encourage all families to volunteer, however, if you would prefer to pay for your volunteer hours up front, please notify bookkeeping at bookkeeper@klahaya.net for an invoice.