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Member Initiation Fees, Dues & Assessments can be found under our MEMBERS tab.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out the Membership Application Form and return it with your payment for $75 (effective December 1, 2011) payable to Klahaya Swim & Tennis Club.  Instructions on payment options are included on the registration page.  Membership applications are not considered valid until payment is received.
Looking for your status? See Waitlist updated May 2020.
*PLEASE NOTE: it is the responsbility of all waitlist numbers to keep us updated of contact changes.  If you do not update us with change of email and /or phone, we will not be able to contact you when a membership become available.  Please email membership@klahaya.net and copy bookkeeper@klahaya.net with this information.
The Initiation Fees required to join membership at Klahaya are $3,000 which are due upon acceptance of the membership, together with the current Dues & Assessments which are currently $1000. These fees are subject to change each calendar year. 
Membership slots open as existing members elect to sell their memberships  A lot of factors go in to why families sell; economy, moves, graduations, etc. Its tough to predict exactly how many / how fast these spots open up.  We usually estimate between 10-15 memberships sold per year.
Please contact  if you have any questions.


Wait-listed non-members may sign up for any swim or tennis session one week prior to the first day of that session.  Please refer to the LESSONS OVERVIEW tab for the Waitlist Member sign-up procedure.


Each year some of our members decide that now is the time to sell their Klahaya membership.  If you have decided to do so, it's easy!

PLEASE NOTE You must contact the  by March 1, EACH YEAR OR you will be responsible for the current year Dues & Assessments.  Please 
include Name, Address, Date, and Membership # in your email.
A check for your membership will be sent once your membership has been sold. This will take a variable amount of time, depending upon the time of year you request to sell. Currently the policy is that the check will be in the amount of the lesser of 1/2 of your original initiation fee or $1000.  (THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE EACH YEAR!!!)  If you would like to transfer your membership to an immediate family member, there is a $550 transfer fee.  If your address, phone number or e-mail has changed, or if you have any questions regarding your membership, please let me know. Thank you!

Also, please contact the
 if you have a change in your address or phone number(s).