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AGE REQUIREMENT:  Children under the age of 8 must be supervised by a responsible adult while at the club.  This includes all events (swimming & tennis lessons, practices, meets and matches!)


LESSON FEES: $40 plus tax per session for members and $55 plus tax per session for wait listed non-members. Checks only, please.

Signups for Session 1 only of Swim Lessons AND Tennis Lessons* will begin on Opening Day at 12:00 pm (Unless you were an early Lottery Participant).  Each family present at 12:00 pm (no need to arrive early and stand in line) will pick a number from a hat. The numbers given will depend on the families present at the appointed time, e.g., if 25 families are at the pool at 12:00 pm, numbers 1 through 25 will be drawn; if 35 families are present, numbers 1 through 35 will be drawn, etc.

Members will be called to the front desk according to the number drawn. We will sign people up in sequence beginning with the person who drew number 1 until all numbers in the first group have been called. Others who arrive at the pool after the first wave will be asked to wait until the first wave families have completed their signups. Then we will draw numbers for the second group in the same manner as the first group. We will continue giving numbers out in groups until all members have had an opportunity to sign up for swimming and tennis lessons. Signups will be on a first come, first served basis after this first day of signups for each session.

Lesson signups for Sessions 2, 3, and 4 will take place in the same manner as above, but beginning at 6pm 2 weeks prior to session start date.

While lesson sign-ups must still be in person, proxies will be allowed.  In such cases that a proxy is signing up for another family, the proxy must be over 16 years of age, may only be assigned one number (therefore cannot be signing up for their own family), and only one number maybe be assigned per membership.  Please make sure that you, or your proxy (if applicable) come prepared.  We may need to ask registrants to step out of line if a registration is taking too much time.  


Half sessions are not available until the last session.  Those interested in half sessions must wait until (1 week prior to the start of Session 4) before signing up. 

Refund Policy - revised 2015


Wait-listed non-members may sign up for any swim or tennis sesson one week prior to the first day of that sesson.  See LESSON CALENDAR for sign up dates and refer to Swim and Tennis Lessons tabs for individual class descriptions.

WAITLIST SIGN UP PROCEDURE:  (Please note:  CHECK ONLY made payable to Klahaya)
  • Check the LESSON CALENDAR for lesson times, lesson session dates and specific date that Wait families can sign up (generally one week before session starts). Note the swim lesson times apply to Session 1 only.  Times are adjusted based on need after the first session.
  • On the sign up day, drop by the club anytime (show up at the time listed on the calendar if you are concerned about getting a spot), be sure to bring your check book (no lessons will be reserved without payment).
  • Select your lesson time and leave your payment.
SPECIAL REQUEST: Please do not call the club in advance to see if there are openings in the class you are interested in.  The list is very dynamic and the spot could be taken by the time you arrive at the club.  If you would like to know what is available before your sign up day  - please feel free to stop by the club anytime during the few days before your sign up.  The guards will help you look through the lesson binder and you'll have a good idea what is likely to available on your sign up day.

Please refer to the MEMBERSHIP & WAITING LIST tab information on joining our Waitlist.