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General Lesson Schedule (times for specific skill levels are handed out on opening day).  A copy of the schedule will always be available at the front desk.
11:00 – 11:25
11:30 – 11:55
12:00 – 12:25
12:30 – 12:55

SESSION DATES (See Calendar)


Starfish -- Level 1
Enter/exit pool on own; breathing bubbles; eyes open under water; let go of wall; kicking on wall; head under water; supported back float; attempt tummy float; push off wall with kick; jump in; kick on board.
Guppy -- Level 2
Pencil (streamline push-off) with kick; submerged face and bubbles; tummy float with twist to back; crawl stroke on wall with head up/down; crawl swim with head down (5-10 yards); back float with kick, using board; back push-off without water in nose.
Sea Otter -- Level 3
Sitting and kneeling dive; bubble arm/breathing arm; swim with side breathing (10 yards); retrieve object (shallow end); jump in
(assist to wall); elementary backstroke.
Dolphin -- Level 4
Wall dive; beginning block dive; butterfly kick, breathing, dive and glide; backstroke kick, thumb recovery, touch cheek/ear, and pinky entry; breaststroke kick, arms, breathing andglide; freestyle kick and side breathing.
Shark -- Level 5
Streamlined push-off; freestyle flip turns; breast and fly turns; wall and block dive; butterfly dive, little kick and every-other breathing; backstroke stationary head and follow-through; breaststroke circle stroke (elbows not past ribs); freestyle follow-through, rotation and alternate breathing.
Frog -- Swim Team Stroke Class
Open to swim team members only; in-depth stroke, racing starts and flip turn instruction.

Children will be promoted to the next level of lessons when they have completed the skills for the level in which they are enrolled.