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All guests must be accompanied by a Klahaya member when using the Club.

A guest is any non-member who sets foot on Klahaya property for activities, including but not limited to swimming, tennis, sunbathing, picnicking and basketball. Members shall be held responsible for the actions of their guests and must be with their guests while they are using the Klahaya facility:

Members are charged for each guest according to the policies set forth below.
  • Unpaid guest fees will be billed monthly throughout the summer and will be due upon receipt.
    PLEASE NOTE: that any credits issued towards guest scrip do not roll over to following years.
  • Guests exist in two classifications $$ house guests and casual guests:
    • A house guest is one staying overnight in your home for a period of time;
    • A casual guest is any other guest.
  • Entrance to the Club costs $10 the first time for each house guest. After that, a house guest is considered a member of your family for one week. At the end of the week, the process is repeated and each house guest must be re-registered and the member charged another $6. Casual guests are charged $5 for every visit to the Club.
  • Tennis guests cost $5 per court per playing time, whether they are house guests or casual guests.