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Note: Reimbursement Forms can be found under REIMBURSEMENT POLICY tab.
  1. Volunteer in any approved capacity at Klahaya. Sign-up sheets will be available in the lobby for many of the jobs and announcements will also be made throughout the season for additional opportunities.
  2. Approved volunteer activities include but are not limited to:  work parties, swim meets, tennis matches
  3. Once you have completed your task, log the information in the Volunteer Binder located at the front desk.  Each member number will have their page organized alphabetically. 
  4. A Board Director or the Club Manager will sign off on the hours worked.  This will be done at least one time per week. 
  5. Once the hours have been approved, you may then pick up your lottery ticket at the front desk. One ticket for every hour worked.
  6. Write your name and member number on the back of the ticket and place them in the clear locked box located in the lobby.
  7. Over the summer we will watch that box fill up with tickets that represent the time and commitment of our fantastic families. 
  8. At the end of the season, a drawing for some great prizes will take place. Remember, the more hours you volunteer, the greater chance you have of winning! (You do not need to be present to win)
  9. High school students have the opportunity to get volunteer hours for school at the same time as earning volunteer hours at Klahaya.  We are a non profit which makes us a legitimate place for kids to get hours and get them signed off. 
We are looking to ENCOURAGE volunteers by having a positive incentive.  The Volunteer Binder serves as a way to keep track of membership volunteer hours. 
IMPORTANT : Those members not completing the minimum 4 volunteer hours by the end of the season, will be assessed $75 –t his is simply because we have to pay for work that isn’t done by volunteers.  So please make sure you log those hours in the Volunteer Binder!
Additional Rules:      
  • No Board Director may enter
  • Families of Board Directors may participate, but must be signed off by a non family Board Director or Club Manager
  • Work must be completed by a member 14 or older
  • Minimum of one full hour per credit
  • Baked goods for swim meet equals one hour of credit
  • Exceptions and tasks are at the discretion of the Board Directors or Club Manager
  • End of season work party hours will count toward volunteer hour time
  • No limit to the number of tickets one can accumulate over the summer- Knock yourself out and have fun!