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Select a tab from the left sidebar for any of the following calendars:
  • Facility Calendar - this calendar covers the overall facility hours.
  • Activities Calendar includes the following:
    • Major Tennis and Swim Team Events
    • Adult Lap Swim
    • Adult Tennis Events
    • All Club Activities (Bingo, Activity Days, etc)
  • Swim Team Calendar - all team events and practices
  • Tennis Team Calendar - all team events and practices
  • Lesson Calendar - lesson times and sign up days/times
Please note that many of these calendars overlap.  At any time, if you feel that you are viewing too much information on one calendar, you can select a sub-set by clicking on the  button in the upper right corner of the calendar.


This calendar includes Facilities Hours, Major Tennis and Swim Events, Adult Events (Lap Swim, Adult Nights, Runners Group) and all other Activities.   The only calendars not included are the Tennis and Swim Practice Calendars and the Tennis and Swim Lesson Calendars.