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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q.  Is there a sign in? 
A.  Yes, when you first enter the club you need to sign your family and any guests in our sign-in notebook.
Q.  Do you have a family restroom? 
A.  Yes, it is located in the lobby on the right.  There is not a family locker room.
Q.  Do you have supplies for lap swimmers?
A.  Yes, we have kickboards and fins in the small shed at the top of the pool deck by the vending machine.
Q.  Where do I look for information? 
A.  In the lobby there are two bulletin boards.  The tennis board is on the left and the swim is on the right.  You will also find information about other events and activities there.
Q.  How many lanes is the pool? 
A.  The pool is new and it has 6 lanes.
Q.  Do kids take swim tests? 
A.  Children need to take a swim test to be on their own in the pool.  To use the diving board, they need to do a test by jumping off and swimming to the side.
Q.  Do you have a kiddy pool? 
A.  We do have a kiddy pool for our younger members.  An adult is expected to be inside the gated kiddy pool area with their child at all times as there is no lifeguard in that area.
Q.  Is your facility secure? 
A.  Yes, members can get from the pool to the tennis courts and yard area.  They can’t get out of the club through the back area.
Q.  Can we BBQ on the lawn? 
A.  Yes, we have 3 BBQ’s that are located under the covered carpet ball area.  You can borrow utensils from the front desk, or you can bring your own. 
Q.  How many tennis courts do you have? 
A.  There are 3 tennis courts.  We also have a tennis team.  If you have any questions about tennis team, talk to our coach.
Q.  What are the sheds on the back lawn? 
A.  The sheds are for storing concessions, tennis supplies, and maintenance items.
Q.  Can I access the tennis courts during non-open club hours? 
A.  Yes.  When the club is closed, you can get in through the side gate. It will only give you access to the tennis courts.  You need to purchase a tennis key from our manager Jeff or the assistant manager for $20.  There are no lights on the courts and please remember to respect our neighbors while you are there.
Q.  Can I leave my child at the club? 
A.  Yes, if your child is 8 or older.
Q.  What are the swim meets like? 
A.  We have seven dual meets per year and we alternate between having 3 or 4 of them at home.  The current year schedule is posted on our website and is in our newsletter.  Home meets typically last from 6 pm until about 9:50 pm.  Swim meets are a great community event.  Even if you do not have a child on the swim team, it is a great place to spend a sunny evening cheering on your friends.  It is also a great time to get volunteer hours, and enjoy some of our infamous salmon!
Q.  Do you have any food or drinks for sale at the club? 
A.  We have popsicles.  You can buy a popsicle card, 10 for $15.  We also have 2 vending machines with drinks and snacks.  Please remember we are a check only facility so please bring your checkbook if you want to buy a popsicle card.  We are unable to make change at the club.
Q.  What are the differences between the tennis levels (French, Wimbledon, Australian)?
A.  French is for the top third of the tennis ladder, and usually consists of players at the high school varsity level.  
        Australian is for the middle third of the tennis ladder and usually consists of players at the junior varsity level.  
        Wimbledon is the lowest third of the ladder and is for intermediate players with some advanced beginners, provided they meet the criteria listed on the website.  Coaches have final discretion and will determine which practice a player attends.
Q.  What is the tennis ladder?
A.  The tennis ladder is a fun way to encourage play among our tennis players.  The tennis ladder is designed to create friendly competition and a high level of fun while increasing the players' skills.  The coaches create a tennis ladder that ranks all players from the most skilled player ranked #1 at the "top of the ladder" to the player with the most opportunity for improvement at the "bottom of the ladder".  During challenge periods, players can challenge others who are higher up on the ladder.  
Have any other questions?  Please email your membership chair at: